At some point over the last decade pets ceased to be just pets and instead became full-fledged members of the family with their own sets of likes, dislikes, and even personal sense of style. Although not every home is pet obsessed, there is now a multi-million pet design market which means that there are plenty of homes in which the animal that resides there is valued just as much as the family members.

From gourmet dog food brands and pet insurance plans to pet designer clothing there are now plenty of items out there you can purchase to help perk up your pet’s life. For starters, if you enjoy a good laugh and value the personality of your pet you may have some fun heading online to look at the many different items of pet designer clothing that are now available.  You can purchase pretty much anything now from rain ponchos to Halloween costumes to sweaters and bathing suits all designed for use by your pet.

While some of it is just for laughs, items such as sweaters, reflective night coats, and booties to protect their paws are actually great investments given they allow your pet to look sharp while also keeping them safe at the same time. Another great way to improve the quality of life that your pet enjoys is to look into gourmet dog food that contains fewer preservatives and more all natural ingredients.

Given the fact that most people do not read the back of feed bags you may be surprised to learn that a great many of the leading brand name dog foods are filled with artificial flavours and chemicals.  With this thought in mind, the organic selection online or at the local pet store may start to look just a bit better to you.

Of course, health is another prime concern of most pet owners who are concerned any time that their pet exhibits any sign of illness. The good news is that you can now purchase pet insurance that makes regular check-ups and certain types of health screenings very affordable so that you can take your pet on a regular basis instead of waiting until something goes wrong.

Essentially, pet insurance offers the reassurance of preventative care and care in the case of emergency that will not bankrupt you, which makes it an excellent small monthly premium to consider.

Finally, after all of these purchases, if you still have some funds left to burn you may want to look up some places that will allow you to spoil and pamper your lucky pet for a day.  A growing trend near many larger cities are pet fur stylists, pet saunas, and pet massage parlours where you can schedule a few hours for your pet to receive special treatment formulated to help relieve their sore muscles and to help them relax. Given the fact that any human would kill for these types of treatments, it is likely safe to say that your pet will love it as well.

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